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  • Ferriterium

    "The French of Ferriterium strike hard with a high quality piece, epic and melodic, in the vein of Sühnopfer and Nightbringer."

    French Metal Webzine.

  • Karne

    "Offers a black metal that is as cold and brutal as it is melodic and in any case damn effective."

    French metal Webzine

  • Malevolentia
    Malevolentia is really heavy, highly symphonic with an omnipresence of shots with classical instruments, operatic choirs, a lyrical female song which intervenes at the right time, all wrapping up a dark, incisive, powerful and melodic Black / Death.
    Webzine Aux portes du metal
  • Aries
  • Saturnus Terrorism

    "This group will make the happiness of many black metalheads".

    French Metal Webzine.

  • Einsicht

    "The album has something of a deadly drift in the corridors of a putrid asylum immersed in flickering and stromboscopic lighting".

    La Horde Noire Webzine

  • Heimsgard

    "An impeccable rhythm section, keyboards are of considerable importance, typical instruments are sometimes added to reinforce the folk style, acoustic passages are invited here and there while very good guitar solos are added to celebration."
    Aux Portes du Metal Webzine


    High quality psychedelic and brutal black metal.

  • Endless Funeral
  • Au-Delà
  • Black Owl Majesty
  • Sarkasm
  • Sorcières
  • Infamy
  • Iron Flesh
    "Its composer strikes a great blow by passing with flying colors his exam of passage to the superior format."
    Trashocore Webzine
  • Mürrmürr
  • Wycca
  • Theosophy

    Melodic black metal from Siberia. Giving off Mgla vibes.

  • Thlipsis
  • Mallephyr

    For fans of Behemoth, Deathspell Omega, Satyricon.

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Showing 1 - 57 of 57 items